it has been a helluva year +

i haven’t had a lot of time or energy to write much – and the little bit i have written hasn’t been the most… let’s say … lighthearted fare.  besides, i am way too busy with Mark to do much that doesn’t directly or indirectly have something to do with him and his needs.  i am getting my lighthearted stuff by making the movies with/for him.  of course – with my limited abilities when it comes to all things computers – lots of not so lighthearted moments occur in post production.

for the time being, i am not going to pressure myself to do any writing.  i am trying to set up an actual production schedule with mark so we can try to get some balance.

in the meantime…every now and again i will post a new video (of some description)  perhaps we will find a rhythm and you (assuming there is a ‘you’ out there somewhere) … perhaps we will find a rhythm and you will know when to check the site for new material.

until then… peace love and family