backspin 2

3:30 am, monday december 2, 2002. sunnycrest mall.

i should probably not be sitting in the office writing so i hope my boss doesn’t read this.

uh…sorry derek – it won’t happen again.

i have got to admit, i haven’t really been following the paper that much of late, except the sports section, of course…oh, and the comics. but a couple of stories that have piqued my interest of late were the one about the federal communications officer that called george w bush a moron, and the canadian defence minister who was barred from getting on his flight because he’d had too much to drink.

each rather entertaining in their own right.

i think the fitting footnote to these stories would be to have the defence minister resign and replace him with the ousted communications officer…with her astute powers of observation, she would obviously be better suited to the defence minister’s position. while we’re at it, give the former defence minister the communications position. a few glasses of wine always make me a little more communicative.

could be a win/win!


of course the big news is that the leafs have managed to shake their slump and hit.500 for the first time since game 2 and the canucks have shattered the club record by winning a stunning 10 in a row(with no signs of letting up)

now if the other canadian teams could just pick up the pace a bit.