backspin 3

instalment 3 of backspin 15.2.03

ok, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of spin happenin on these pages.

how many months since i started this??? it would be nice to get paid to do this site eh…

but i have my reasons (folks that are behind schedule always do!)

reminds me of when i …

nice save by belfour!!

sorry, watching the game…t.o, ottawa…zip – zip with 3 left in the 1st.i

don’t usually write while i watch the game (or watch the game while i write for that matter) but with the house to my self for the weekend, and it being ‘hockey day in canada’ , i’m drinkin and smokin in the house watching nothing but hockey and sorting out some stuff for this restaurant i’m trying to get off the ground.

working out the wine list, costing the equipment – costing the entire start up actually.

i have to sit with my knees well away from the ‘iffy’ plastic table i’ve set my laptop on or there’s a danger of technological disaster when the leafs score.

notice i didn’t say ‘if’ the leafs score…

the essence of the true leaf fan is optimism

punch up…domi and neil…9 ceconds before the end of the first…what’s the point?

don cherry’s coming up


mr. cherry yabbered a bit about the 2010 referendum…or plebicite or whatever it’s called…he said ‘you know the treehuggers are gonna get out to vote against it so you gotta get out and vote for it”

he talked about the opprtunity to win hockey gold at home and i would have to agree.

i want tickets.


so i’m trying to get a restaurant off the ground…i don’t have any $ but i think i can create a ‘destination restaurant’ in a motel/conference centre here on the sunshine coast, any and all constructive input is welcome…just email me

i won’t bore you with the details on this page…
particularly since i have just been further distracted by toronto’s 1 st of the game (1 -0)

suffice to say, there’s alot to sort out…factor in the lack of $ and…well, it’s kind of daunting

when i’m ready to showcase the restaurant you’ll be able see by clicking … here there are links on that page to email your thoughts on starting a restaurant, wines etc…

back to the game…3rd period just started…1 – 0 toronto