i have mentioned on other pages that i have smoked dope. i even inhaled. i can’t remember if i said anything about the fact that i am currently abstaining from dope smoking but given the amount i have puffed over the years, the fact i don’t remember shouldn’t come as a surprise.

but i digress

certain factions within the canadian government are considering the decriminalization of marijuana. i think that is a good thing.
if only because it pisses off the american government.

it’s none of their business.

besides, we’re talking about a plant here! where do we come off banning a plant? that’s just plain arrogant and unnatural.
i am disappointed in our religious leaders for not speaking out against the godless heathens who would dare to ban one of gods most useful gifts to humankind.

fuel, clothing, housing, food, stress relief – this little beauty can do it all!

but one arrogant, self-important country – with only the interests of it’s bloated fatcats in mind – feels they can dictate to the rest of the world what it can and cannot do with a plant that has no doubt been beautifying the landscapes of the planet since before we came down from the trees.


the state of south australia decriminalized marijuana years ago and guess what…people there behave themselves…young people there are no more likely to smoke dope than they are in other australian states and they certainly don’t have the heroin problems that new south wales (to the east) experiences.

trafficking is still illegal and the punishment severe but the fine for not wearing a seatbelt is costlier than the one received for carrying an ounce or less of pot.

besides the local pot goes rather nicely with the great red wine available in the region.

in one of the vancouver papers the other day, a journalist cited a 19 year old ex-pot user who said that he started smoking dope at 12 and by 19 was addicted to hard drugs. he said pot shouldn’t be legalised because young people would think it’s ok to smoke it .


wasn’t it illegal when you started smoking it at 12 years of age josh?
it being illegal didn’t stop you from smoking it any more than it being legal will start you smoking it.


maybe if pot was decriminalised you might have been able to talk with your parents about it.

and as for the whole pot leads to harder drugs thing…my dad smoked dope but he didn’t turn on to smack.

buying $1.00 scratch tickets hasn’t led me to gambling addiction!
yeah, i dabbled in a few harder drugs but you know what…

low self esteem, peer pressure, boredom and basic curiosity are more likely to lead to the use of hard drugs than smoking dope.

i don’t think i have to point out how many more people are physically (and permanently) affected by the use and mis-use of alcohol…which, aside from their beer, americans make pretty well.

or how many people in canada are affected by american made guns and lax american gun laws?

i smoke 20 cigarettes a day and can’t seem to quit for love nor money…it’s killing me as sure as i am sitting here. there is no doubt that i am addicted.

i started smoking dope at age nine. by the time i was 15 i was smoking several joints a day but in my mid twenties when i decided i didn’t want to smoke it for a while…i stopped. no worries. no withdrawls.

no patches or gum or zyban or nothing.

when i took it back up when i was about thirty it helped me cope with the grief and loss i was experiencing after the deaths of half dozen relatives in a few short years…including my father.

and every day untill about two months ago…i smoked dope.

when i decided not to do it again – just because – i stopped. no withdrawals.

no patches or gum or zyban or nothing.

but none of those things helped me to kick the tobacco habit and i can buy that in the corner store and i have no idea what it is cured in or who grew it or anything like that.

the dope i smoke is invariably grown by a friend. is organic. and nobody is breaking their backs picking it at minimum wage.

i said it before and i will say it again…

it’s a plant…where do we come off banning a plant?