far flung friends

where to start?

back in queensland, my beloved friends paul and danni – who have kids of their own now!-never fail to call and wish me a happy birthday and that alone is magic…there are so many other reasons to love them that i couldn’t possibly list them …suffice to say

i love you paul and danni.

still in queensland, there is kath who sends me almost as much crap in my inbox as my cousin sandra but i still love her (but just so you know kath…i delete any thing with an attachment – especially .exe files!)

kath made me cry recently when she forwarded a message to me and everyone on her list…i was halfway through reading it before i realised she was talking about me and my kids – trying to get traffic to my site.

down in adelaide there is my mate gavin who, aside from being a very talented musician, shares my love of the adelaide crows.

in fact it was gavin who first got me into footy (although i dare say it was inevitable!) we keep in touch via emails which fly fast and furious between february and september.

and rollie pollie!

another brother…this one even stranger than j…rollie is a freak but one hell of a table soccer player(that’s foosball to us canadians) i have loved rollie since we met at amalfi and he was most of my emotional support during the hardest times in adelaide. he doesn’t email often enough(hint hint) but when he does it is bound to be confusing, yet entertaining.

ask him about turnips.

my cousin rob has been one of my closest friends since i was a wee lad…he was bigger than me back then so i bet he’s glad he was so nice to me. i miss you rob – email more…or better yet – phone!

wayne h…emailed out of the blue a few months ago…living in ohio for crying out loud – what IS that?
i’d love to see you again but don’t expect me to drop acid or go to any butthole surfer gigs
…well, maybe if you ask real nice.