hello and welcome to ian backs.com.

it’s weird having the dotcom after my name, but not as weird as it was to see someone else with the dotcom after MY name.

i have set up this website for a number of reasons…

maybe someone will come along and, seeing this site, pay me to build them one.

or just to make them an inexpensive, nifty flash intro

or cheaper still…
a ‘swish’ intro

or…after looking at my resume, offer me a decent job.

it being ‘that time of year’, i get to post a holiday greeting

i get a chance to talk about the things that are most important to me – my children, my family, my love, hockey and red wine.

i get to pay homage to my oldest and dearest friend as we approach the first anniversary of his passing and say thanks to those people who have been so instrumental in my survival of this latest bout with grief and loss.

and as much i don’t like to do it…i can seek donations to help me with my plight.

i also hope to entertain and inform and maybe even hear from some old friends that i have lost touch with over the years and say hello to those farflung friends and relatives that i haven’t totally lost contact with.

and maybe start a dialogue
on being on anti depressants

and then there’s the blogger thingy…