my dad

taken in 1990, in cuba

my dad did a lot of different jobs over the years…when i was a kid in toronto he worked at the goodyear plant. when we moved to new brunswick (i was 4) he and my mum both got jobs at the provincial hospital…a large mental health institution in campbellton. my parents split up for the first time when i was 11 and dad split to ajax, ontario…i can’t for the life of me recall what he did for a living while he was there but after he left, mum moved the family to niagara falls. don’t ask me why!

i turned twelve just after we got there and a few months later dad and mum got back together. dad had a friend who drove a coffee truck and got into that business…cruising around to industrial sites all over niagara falls. i used to love going with him in spite of the 4 am start and the 12 hour day.

he did the coffee truck thing for a few years and then landed a job with c.u.p.e. as an area rep…the catch was we had to move to cornwall, ontario.

it was probably the best job my dad ever had and by all accounts he was good at it.

i stayed in cornwall for 3 days then split back to niagara and my girlfriend, eventually getting a foundry job.

a few years later, mum and dad split again – this time for good. dad re-married and they had a son together.

dad and i had a rather strained relationship for many years…probably because of my drug taking and stuff but when i was about 22 i worked real hard at re-opening the lines of communication and with the help of his wife sue, managed to bridge the gap that come between us. when it came time to baptise their son cory(my new little brother) they asked me to be his godfather.

something i am still very proud of.

dad, sue, cory and sue’s son from her first marriage – billy, came to visit me in australia when my oldest boy was about 8 months old…they loved it there and we loved having them but it only lasted six short weeks and i never saw him alive again.

the saddest thing is that the boys will never know him…he was so great with kids!

i love you dad. i miss you. i still don’t understand