old friends

i’m really not sure where to start with this page…i’m thinking of just listing people that i would love to hear from and hope i don’t leave out anyone …ok that’s a big ask. chances are i will leave out some wonderful people that i have had the pleasure of sharing time with…shit at 40 years old and having lived in campbellton new brunswick, niagara falls and toronto, ontario…devon alberta…salt spring island, denman island and vancouver b.c. …amsterdam, holland…beaudesert, brisbane, the gold coast and the sunshine coast of queensland australia and in adelaide, south australia…

i’ve met a few people.

most of whom i quite liked.

so let’s start with campbellton – where i lived from the age of 4 to 12 –

george parlee…where are you? how about the rest of your family?
while i am at it…ralph lamaitre(did i spell that right?)where are you and your huge family?
andy delany(you lived in robinsonville last i heard) are you still playing hockey? i keep expecting to hear that you’re a big time musician you played so many instruments.
danny parent…remember when we did that whole ‘blood brothers’ thing?

or how bout folks in niagara falls…

dan mcquade…ruth, rachel, ash and andy? frank @poptones(now sloth?)

or out on salt spring…

keith mchattie – where are YOU?

maybe you don’t recognise the name but you spent some time on the hotel botel sunrise in amsterdam back in 1987(i think)
i was the crazy canuck behind the bar with all the hats and all the jokes about american tourists.

or maybe you were a kid in the ‘system’ in queensland and you stayed at the windsor shelter, or the ipswich shelter or sandgate house?…i won’t mention any names but there were two of you caught atop the story bridge and one of you claimed to be an out of work scaffolder that was afraid of heights!! i remember you – remember me?
or shazza…you, the collector of all things coca cola (everyone thought you looked like hayley lewis)…how and where are you?

and the youngest person at sandgate house…always getting in shit but loved dearly by all of us…your name starts with a ‘k’ but i won’t say it here…how are ya…where are ya?

then there’s sandgate houses own billy idol..(you tried to off yourself less then a week after my dad did….are you still alive?)

tony and his canadian wife in wavel heights…mate! how the hell are ya?

there are so many more people that jump to mind…like bruce mcfee from kensington market…saw you on that home hardware ad last week.

or steve gomez and candace and marla and everyone else from k.y.t.e.s.

where the hell are you?

adelaide is hiding a number of people i would love to have some contact with…

i’ll start with paul grice…i would love to hear from you mate…what kind of mischief are you up to these days?? got an email addy or what?

it was always good to have you at my back in spite of the fact that you were such a ‘bad’ influence.

love ya mate

all of you…email me for petes sake!