so i joined a webring…

for some of you that might not seem like such a big deal but for me…

…it’s like this:

as recently as 1999, i considered my self to be firmly planted in the luddite camp – well and true!
a source of pride it was.

by the end of 2000, it truly had become a new millenium for me.
new love. new home(and we’re talking mortgage here)
and new computer.

now it’s the begining of 2003 and as i pause to reflect i realise that i have a sort of ”i am repulsed but i can’t look away’ thing going on.


i mean the whole access to information thing is awesome at times. don’t get me wrong on that but…
some of this information – i don’t want it.

the whole hacker, spam, computer virus thing…what is that?

and those little sideways smilie things…you know – they look like this – 🙂 …they annoy me almost as much as knowing that someone out there has chihuahua/pommeranian cross puppies for sale and seemed to fully expect to get $400.00 for each

first of all… if math was as great as all our teachers led us to believe then .
crossing a chihuahua with a pomeranian would cancel them both out.

you should have to pay $400.00 each to offload them.

but i digress.

anyway, much as i have a disdain for some of the elements of the web…it can be a useful tool and i feel the need to drive some traffic to my website and it would seem that webrings can help do that

so i have joined the fathersworld webring and judging by what i’ve seen of the other sites involved, it will do nothing to soften my cynicism about society, governments, divorce courts or life in general.

but who knows?